How do I become a beauty expert?

DEYNIQUE will show you how!

Expertise in the treatment room.

  • Would you like to offer quality and achieve the best skin results as a beautician?
  • Should your customers feel comfortable with you?
  • Would you like to provide cosmetic services with a lasting effect?

Unusually, that's not always a matter of course. Normally, beauty salons focus on cleansing, massage, masks and pampering. However what is the ideal scenario? Gradually and reliably solving your customer's problems. Getting the skin back to its best. This kind of beautician has her hands full.

What do women want apart from cleansing, relaxation and well-being treatments in the beauty salon? Visible results! They want to look better than before.
Customers would like

  • To normalise their sensitive skin
  • Understand how to remove impurities and deposits
  • Make wrinkles disappear, eliminate or at least visibly reduce unevenness, spots and redness
  • and more...

Beauticians require additional training for these cosmetic aims. Or a qualification as a Beauty Expert. They need the knowledge and skills about what is feasible and what methods to use.

DEYNIQUE. The brand of renowned cosmetologists

What achieves success?

Your expertise and DEYNIQUE!

Knowledge of the latest beauty research and developments is sadly taught very rarely in cosmetic and beauty colleges.

DEYNIQUE professional training courses focus on the latest and most effective treatments. Deep-acting skincare with lasting benefits. These are curative beauty systems that allow the complexion to appear up to 10 years younger. And all in compliance with organic regulations.

Seminars and further training

For over 35 years we have been training cosmetic specialists at all levels. We have offered training as a Beauty Expert for 12 years.

DEYNIQUE. The brand of renowned cosmetologists

Quality through further training

See what matters and do the right thing

There is plenty of work. More than you can offer in your region. The skin becomes a life-long construction site from the age of 20 onwards. There is constantly a need for repair and beauty: acne, spots, rosacea, wrinkles, inflammation, age spots, weight and body problems etc. This is hard to deal with using normal masks and massage, as taught at conventional cosmetic and beauty colleges. Certainly no long-lasting effect. Modern skincare begins by looking at the skin and deep into the skin. With a precise skin analysis. 

Cosmetics with a lasting effect mean that you can still see the customer's good grooming even 10 years later.

Anti-ageing is not just incidental. It demands a wealth of knowledge, experience, education and training. Aesthetically working beauticians need to master the art of making the most of a woman's face: beautiful, toned, well-proportioned, fresh and younger.

That's why we have developed the "Anti-Ageing Circle“, a method that can be combined on several levels.

Your beauty salon

with limitless possibilities

Your beauty salon will become well-known with DEYNIQUE. Known for the quality of its products and exceptionally effective treatment. You will raise your business above the crowd.

You will find and will be guaranteed to retain satisfied customers with DEYNIQUE treatments!

Special treatmentsIntensive treatments 
Anti-ageing regimesModern lifting methods
Experience cosmetics  Body and weight reduction systems



You work differently to others. More effectively. You provide the latest cutting-edge beauty care.

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DEYNIQUE. The brand of renowned cosmetologists