DEYNIQUE seminar hotel in Westerburg

between Frankfurt, Cologne and Siegen

Our ´DEYNIQUE seminar hotel´ can easily be reached via the A3 and A45 or from Limburg and Montabaur Intercity ICE stations.

It has a wonderful location – situated directly on the edge of the forest with panoramic views over the rooftops and across to the southern Westerwald. Our guests feel comfortable here, can relax in the seminar breaks and recharge their batteries with fresh oxygen on long woodland walks. This revitalises the spirit and make them more open to absorb the subject matter being taught – panta rhei. In the evening guests can enjoy uninterrupted discussions with colleagues and speakers. Or total relaxation in the 'Mystery Room' in our pyramid...

Hundreds of beauticians from around the world attend our DEYNIQUE seminars every year. That's why we have built our own seminar centre and DEYNIQUE Hotel.

Tel.: +49 (0)2663/2902-314