Lasting firm and beautiful skin?

Who doesn't want that?

It doesn't just need a skincare regime, rather products matched precisely to a woman's skin. Appropriate after the skin test, precisely matched to your skin type. You will receive an accurate skin analysis and skincare consultation from your skincare expert in the cosmetic studio.

  • Dietary supplements that help the skin 
  • Vita Drink made of energy-giving aloe vera leaves from the Rio Grande

The Synergetic Beauty Concept
The DEYNIQUE skincare principle is based on synergies. Active substances, methods and factors that support each other are used. Regular skin treatment in the beauty salon is the optimum regime. Women conscious of their beauty require coordinated skincare in the home.

Professional Skincare

Anti-ageing with the best results

DEYNIQUE's holistic 'Beauty Therapy' takes into consideration nutrition, exercise and instrumental and nourishing cosmetics.

Skincare products for the home?

Simply ask DEYNIQUE!



Looking after yourself means living more beautifully!

Aloe Vera - the anti-ageing all-rounder

DEYNIQUE swears by it

  • Deep-acting
  • Firming
  • Line-reducing
  • Regenerating
  • Revitalising
  • Energising


Anti-ageing by beauty experts