Queen Ring

Panta rhei - Everything flows

A combination of a pampering and effective treatment

There are many causes of lines and wrinkles. Laughter lines and crows feet are just a few reasons. They are based on weak and tense muscles and connective tissue. The Queen Ring Massage helps to train your facial muscles: relaxing, building and strengthening them.

Professional beauty studios receive training in 10 body and weight loss treatments. Most are also trained in the "Good Mood Diet".

The Queen Ring ceremony

for your well-being

The Queen Ring ceremony uses the secrets of Asian skincare, combined with progressive relaxation and promotes bioenergetic well-being. Warm gold rings are used to stroke the skin, spreading a feeling of well-being, "digging" into tense muscles to create a sudden feeling that every deep fold is being lifted. This relaxing treatment is also aimed at firming the complexion.

20 energy points in the face are activated. Circulation is so gentle that the skin almost purrs with well-being. Finally, ultrasonic fine gold particles are applied to the skin, complete with recurring active ingredients.