Fat-end Trilogy

Slim down. Firm up. Tone.

Drop two jeans sizes in 4 - 6 weeks?

Who is unaware of women's problem zones? Tummy, legs, hips, bottom. Cosmetic body work in the studio targets these areas directly. Treatment methods targeting all problem zones of the body with ultra-sound, suction waves, lymph activation and deep heat combined with a diet plan.

 Fat-end Trilogy - the ideal way to achieve fast results: Effective combination of low-fat food, Aerobic training and targeted body work. 

3 efficient "steps to banish fat"

Achieve results fast the fun, enjoyable way!

In the studio, a beautician will stimulate your fatty tissue with suction massage and a vacuum. Porotation revitalises the skin.

Burn fat – build muscle.
A perfect programme is put together, even for people new to exercise. Aerobic training specifically increases calorie consumption.

Eat delicious food – without feeling hungry.
Organic ingredients, proteins, fibres and fruit and vegetables replace fat, sugar and calories. The more systematically you adhere to the low-calorie diet, the faster your will achieve your goal.