Face-Forming and Myo-Lift

Muscle relaxation means skin firming

The remedy for deep lines. Many facial lines come from strained, tense or flaccid facial muscles. Anger, stress and worries – anything that affects your facial muscles helps to create lines.

The solution is a simple one. Biologically relax stiffened muscles and train the contours. This creates a visibly streamlined skin structure. Facial toning releases stiffness. Muscles can be electrically stimulated by myotonology and are "gentle re-toned." A myotonological treatment can produce perceptible and visible results even in severe cases, such as double chins or pronounced wrinkles on the neck.

The principle is simple:

Relax - tense

In addition to relaxation, the muscles also need to be firmly trained. This interaction between "relaxation and tensing" is extremely effective. 

Muscles are supplied with blood, recondition and regain their natural shape more quickly. Surrounding regions of skin display significant firming. The method is known as a myolift.

Expert hint:
Facial gymnastics can help to enhance muscle training.