Tiu-Ra-Na treatment

Regain your smile

With love, desire and an energy boost

There's simply no question about it: Asian massages relax the muscles. Tiu-Ra-Na adds plenty of relaxation to help you regain your daily energy boost. You will love and enjoy the deep relaxation you experience during the treatment. The effects of Tiu-Ra-Na remain visible and perceptible beyond the duration of the treatment.

Anyone who has every experienced Tiu-Ra-Na is sure to want this cosmetic massage again and again. The gentle kneading, strong percussive tapping and gentle strokes with warming oils. The massage promotes the movement of the neck and shoulder joints.

Combined with a peel or active mask, Tiu-Ra-Na helps to

  • Rid the skin surface of skin flakes
  • Stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum
  • Visually smooth the complexion



The effect: you don't just look happier – you also look younger.


Fine-tuning for your face

Small, fairly sensitive facial muscles are responsible for our expressions. When frowning, worrying, enduring stress or pain these muscles can tense up, shorten, stiffen and therefore lose their flexibility. For some this is visible as indentations and wrinkles in the skin, for others the face appears rigid, hardened and bitter.

In the Tiu-Ra-Na massage the muscle tissue is massaged as well as the trigger points in a targeted fashion:

  • Relaxing the muscle fibres
  • Loosening the trigger points
  • Activating and stimulating flaccid muscle groups
  • Stretching shortened facial muscles